Favorite Photographs From 2010

2010 have been a fantastic journey of observing the light.
Not “the light” as in great light, bad light, dull light or intense light. Just light, in its basic (and simplest) meaning of the word. 

When we are inspired, impressed or swept away by a photograph we are touched on an emotional level.
Some sort of wonderful and instant connection has been established within the viewer, the eye of the beholder. 
It`s all about emotional connection, just like a photographer can develop a deep connection to the landscape.
In other words, it is you and me who see and feel the beauty and the magic because of who we are.
It is in fact, not the mountain, the forest or the sunrise that causes these feelings. A mountain does not think. The sun just rises.
Nature doesn`t exist for the sake of beauty, yet many of us find it to be the most beautiful thing in the whole world. It is our world.

For my last blog post in 2010 I chose ten of my favorite photographs from 2010, in no particular order. I don`t expect that all of them will touch you, but I hope that maybe one or two of them will. 
Jæren, Norway, fine art photography, sand dunes sunrise, intimate landscapes, landskapsfoto, landskapsfotografer, naturfoto, abstrakte bilder
Ghost Carrier  
Long exposure at Jæren, western coast of Norway. June 2010.
The sand whirled around in the morning wind and the subtle dawn light revealed the sensual shapes of coastal sand dunes.

Vøringsfossen, Norway, fine art waterfalls, waterfall photos, landscape photographers, landskapsbilder, fosser, naturbilder, naturfotografer
Ancient Spirits
Vøringsfossen Waterfall (182 m./600 ft.) in Eidfjord, Norway. May 2010.
Spring moonrise at dusk over magnificent Norwegian landscape.

Rondane, Spranget, national parks, fine art landscapes, mountain photography, Norwegian moors, lichen photos, heather images, nasjonalparker, landskapsfoto, fjellbilder, naturfoto, norske fjell

Twilight Silence 

Highland moors in Rondane National Park, Norway. August 2010.
Lichen, moss, heathers and various types of flora like these are widely spread throughout the highland moors in Rondane. This was photographed early (before sunrise) on a foggy late summer morning.


Vøringsfossen, Bjoreio, Norway, fine art nature, landscape photographers, scenic prints, landskapsfoto, naturbilder, landskapsfotografer, naturfotografi
 Road Less Travelled
Bjoreio River seen through waterfall mist. Eidfjord, Norway. May 2010.
Jæren, Norway coastlines, fine art photography, intimate landscapes prints, sand ripples, sea rockets, kunstbilder, naturfotografer, naturbilder, strandreddik, norsk natur

Worlds Within Worlds

Jæren, south-western coast of Norway. June 2010. Strandreddik (Cakile maritima)/European searockets and sand ripples catching the first light.



Dørålen, Rondane, Høgronden, Midtronden, Digerronden, Norway mountains, fine art mountain prints, landscape photography, fall colors, autumn birches, høstbilder, fjellbilder, høst i fjellheimen, landskapsbilder, naturfoto

Autumn In Dørålen

Høgronden (2118 m./6949 ft.), Midtronden (2060 m./6759 ft.) and Digerronden (2016 m./6614 ft.) peaks photographed from Dørålen in NE Rondane Nasjonalpark. September 2010.
Autumn birches in full splendor together with the first snow is a rare sight. The silent morning fog added a dreamy atmosphere to an already breathtaking scenery.



Skranglehaugan, Smedhamran, Dørålen, Rondane, Norway sceneries, mountain photographers, fine art mountains prints, foggy peaks, norske fjellbilder, høst i fjellet, landskapsbilder, landskapsfotografer, norske fjell


Skranglehaugan (kettles) with Smedhamran Mountain (1849 m.) partly obscured by fog. Dørålen in NE Rondane Nasjonalpark, Norway. September 2010.



Dørålen høstbilder, Rondane, Norway sceneries, fine art photography, intimate landscapes prints, fall colors, autumn moods, alpine flora, høst i fjellet, fjellflora, kunstbilder, naturfotografer, naturbilder

Alpine Sensations

Hardy birch and autumn colors in Dørålen, NE Rondane Nasjonalpark. October 2010.



Dørålen, Dørålseter, Rondane, Norway sceneries, fine art mountains, landscape photographers, mountain sunrise, høst i fjellet, fjellheimen, nasjonalparker, høstbilder, landskapsbilder, norske fjell, naturbilder


Dørålen, NE Rondane Nasjonalpark. October 2010.
Frosted birches in front of Stygghøin Mountain (1721 m./5646 ft.) before sunrise. The wonderful silence was accompanied by awakening birds in the distance. One of my finest hours.



Verdens Ende, Tjøme, Norway coastlines, fine art photography, landscape photographers, seascape prints, ocean sunset, kystbilder, norske landskapsbilder, landskapsfotografer, naturbilder

Evening Flight

Verdens Ende, southern coast of Norway. March 2010.


If you want to look at the photographs larger, or order Fine Art Prints, click on the images. Or, you can just visit my Website to see all of my photographs. If you are a Facebook user, make sure to visit my Facebook Page also to see all recent updates and news.

For those who may have missed them in my news updates, here are some of my most interesting interviews made in 2010 as well:

– Interview by The Portfolio Pro: Ambient Light – an interview with Seung Kye Lee
– Featured Photographer at The Nature Conservancy: Seung Kye Lee 2008 Photo Contest Honorable Mention


I wish every one of you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for buying my Fine Art Prints and digital images, for following my work and for all the feedback in 2010!
Thank you for the friendship of all of you who supported me, wrote e-mails and shared your thoughts through my blog and Facebook Page. Thank you, all photographers that I`ve met, who inspired me and who shared their worlds with me!
Hope we keep in touch in 2011 as well!


WTD852 at www.whattheduck.net


Wish you Peace and Happiness in every breath
in every single heartbeat
Seung Kye


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About Seung Kye Lee

Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer based in Oslo, Norway, with a passion for the grandeur of the Norwegian mountains, coastlines, forests as well as more intimate landscapes. You are welcome to visit my Website and Blog and you can also connect with me at my Blog, Google and Facebook Page for latest updates, photography and writings. View all posts by Seung Kye Lee

39 responses to “Favorite Photographs From 2010

  • Andreas

    Hei! Det tredje siste bildet, av den tørre veden som snirkler seg – mmmm flotte saker. Det likte jeg umiddelbart når jeg så det, og like rdet like godt ennå. Godt nytt år!

  • David Leland Hyde

    Wow, Seung, you have had an incredible year in image making. My favorites of your favorites are “Fluvioglacial,” “Autumn In Dørålen,” and “Worlds Within Worlds.” I agree with your statement, “…it is you and me who see and feel the beauty and the magic because of who we are.” However, ironically I don’t completely agree with, “It is in fact, not the mountain, the forest or the sunrise that causes these feelings. A mountain does not think…. Nature doesn`t produce anything for the sake of beauty.” I subscribe to the view that the Earth is a living thing and all parts of our world have being. I also believe that nature does have intelligence and an intelligence that is specialized for producing beauty as well as survival. In this way, I feel that the beauty we see is partly of our own creation but also created synergistically with the mountain.

    • Seung Kye Lee

      Thank you very much, David!
      Also, I appreciate and admire you sharing your personal thoughts.

      You are totally right.
      Though, I believe that I am not completely wrong either, but may have expressed myself with poor use of language.
      Yes, the Earth is living and creating a world that we can live in, enjoy and take advantage of in many many ways.
      All is made without our help and its ways of providing myriads of lifeforms, eco systems and atmosphere is beyond our apprehension. At least my apprehension for sure.

      I will try to express the meaning behind my words in this blog post more clearly.
      The part you refer to was written out of my Buddhist belief; that ulitmately, everything that is experienced through our 5 physical senses originates in our minds and minds alone. Whereas, one finds the beauty of the mountain to be true, the other might find it not to be so.
      In Buddhist belief, beauty exists only in the eye of the beholder and that beauty is impermanent just like we (mind and body), the mountain and everything around us is impermanent. I believe that we can not create anything that excels the mysterious creations of Nature, but any feelings or thoughts that arise when we look at Nature arises from our minds, dependent on our own individual inner nature. And not from the mountains, the sea or the forests. Hence “it is in fact, not the mountain, the forest or the sunrise that causes these feelings etc.”
      “Nature doesn`t produce anything for the sake of beauty”; I do not know of a collective, intentional mind behind nature nor do I believe in a single, higher entity that controls all the myriad changes, births and deaths on our Earth.
      I believe that nature is a result of cause and effects between countless factors (universe, atmosphere, weather, eco and bio systems, geological changes, cycles of elements all is caused by the other) with different functions and qualities, which yet co-operate in wondrous harmony. I do, like you, also believe that nature does have intelligence. This we see all the time, everywhere; like wildlife and humans of course. To me, all this is beautiful and precious in a way that is hard to explain.

      Again, my choice of wanna-be poetic words about how or why we like something we see, in this case a photograph, were clearly poor. Especially when I tried to express my belief that our personal passions and initial feelings when seeing something beautiful are rooted within and not without. I see that now and I am sorry for that.

      David, thank you so much for pointing out these things to me!
      I will do my best to express myself better in 2011 🙂
      Please, bear with me.

      Wish you and your family peace and happiness
      in every step
      in every single breath

      Seung Kye

  • Jürgen Weginger

    Great year with great light. A very fine collection of your favorite images. My favorite is the alpine sensation and Fulvioglacial. They are very magical and awesome. Keep on and good light next year

    Happy new year from Austria

  • Iain Sarjeant

    Hi Seung Kye,

    A wonderful selection of images, thanks for sharing. Stunning colours, textures and atmosphere. Look forward to enjoying more of your work in 2011 – a very Happy New Year to you!

    Very best wishes from the Scottish Highlands,


    • Seung Kye Lee

      Hi Iain.

      Thank you very much.
      Choosing ones favorite 10 was a headache and I nearly dismissed the whole thing.
      An friend of mine, who is a painter, once said it well: “Creating is not difficult. Choosing is.”
      He said it unaware, I think, of that I would remember his words all my life.
      I am glad that my headache paid off.

      Looking forward to keep in touch in 2011, Iain!

      Wish you peace and happiness
      Seung Kye

  • Mark

    Well Seung Kye – you continually out-do yourself. Looks like you had a magical year of light and seeing. Ancient Spirits, Worlds within Worlds, Alpine sensations all resonate with me. Your connection with the wonderful place you live in is clear. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Seung Kye Lee

      Hi Mark.

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment.
      Alpine Sensation (even if it was made late in the year) was amongst my 5 most popular photographs in 2010.

      Wish you a fruitful year and may the light be with you, Mark.

      Best Wishes
      Seung Kye

  • Ville Laihonen

    Hi Seung Kye! You´ve have done spectacular work this year. Personally I think the “Fluvioglacial” is no 1. in it´s beautiful graphical form – it’s not just a photo but a piece of art. I just wonder how an earth you can make it even better this year ; )

    • Seung Kye Lee

      Thank you very much, Ville.

      Really nice to hear that you have a favorite of your own.
      I don`t know how this year will turn out, but I will make sure that the things I didn`t do last year will be done this year.
      To photograph nature and its landscapes is what I chose to do and every time I go somewhere but fail to make a successful photograph, I always have a fantastic time.

      Wish you all the best in 2011, Ville!
      Seung Kye

  • Jon Cornforth

    Beautiful work. I especially like Autumn In Dørålen and the comic strip. Happy New Year!

    • Seung Kye Lee

      Hello Jon.

      Thank you very much. Haha, yes, the comic strip is right on the spot!
      (..hope I didn`t give him any funny ideas..)
      It was hard not to make a satisfying photograph those magic days in the mountains.
      I consider myself very fortunate to see perfect autumn colored birches in fresh snow this year.
      A very rare sight, at least in Norway.

      I understand that you spent the holidays at home with your family.
      Are you planning any travels in January?
      Looking forward to follow your work in 2011, Jon.

      Travel safely.
      Wish you and your family A Happy New Year.
      Seung Kye

  • danbaumbach

    Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing them.

    – Dan.

    • Seung Kye Lee

      Thank you so much, Dan.

      And, thank you too, for sharing your magnificent work.
      I`m also looking forward to follow your work this year, Dan.

      Peace and happiness
      to you and your loved ones
      Seung Kye

  • Dag Røttereng

    Flotte bilder, Seung Kye! Selv om jeg liker det første best, “Ghost Carrier”, er alle av ypperlig kvalitet. Du er flink! Godt nytt år!


  • Greg Russell

    This is an absolutely fantastic collection of images, Seung Kye. You really seem to have put your stamp on these unique landscapes in a very special way. Congratulations on a fine year; I’m looking forward to see what comes this way in 2011!

    Greg Russell

  • Ten Nebula

    Peace and Light,

    I enjoy your arts blog.
    I hope all is unfolding in your life in ease,joy, harmony, and abundance!
    Have a great 2011!!!

    Bright Blessings,

    Ten Nebula

  • Edward Mendes

    You have a beautiful collection of images Seung. Each image show thoughtfulness in its creation. Beautiful!

  • Seung Kye Lee

    Thank you very much, Ten Nebula and Edward.
    I am happy to hear that you liked my favorites from 2010.

    Best Wishes
    Seung Kye

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  • patrickendres

    I very much enjoyed your selection of images, wonderful work and thanks for sharing the simple power of good photography.

  • Derrald

    Seung Kye,

    Excellent selections. My personal favorite is “Fluvioglacial” for its mystical quality. Subtractive art at its best. Wishing you a productive and well 2011!

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  • Seung Kye Lee

    Thank you very much, Patrick and Derrald.
    Very much looking forward to follow your photography through 2011!

    Derrald, also thank you for mentioning which one you liked the best and what impressions you get from it.

    Best Wishes
    Seung Kye

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  • Chris

    Wow! You live in such a beautiful place! Absolutely amazing to see the variety and overall beauty that is there!

    • Seung Kye Lee

      Thank you very much, Chris.

      If you should ever visit Europe, make sure to visit Norway as well 🙂
      Though many of the photographs in this post were created at carefully chosen times of day/night
      the splendor of the sceneries will never fail.
      I am glad to hear that you liked these photographs, Chris.

      Best Wishes
      Seung Kye

  • Art Kuntz

    Beautiful work! My favorite is Ancient Spirits. The composition is amazing and I love the colors in the image. Really great image.

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