Just A Reminder

In case you missed it the first time, please let me remind you to visit me at the new blog where my writings, updates
and new work is published regularly. Back in March 2012, my blog moved from WordPress to my own website domain: www.leeseungkye.com/blog!
Though I have chosen to keep some of the posts here on-line, most posts have been removed and soon this blog address
will be off-line for good.

To help you to get the best start on my new blog in only 3 seconds, I recommend doing one (or both) of the following:
visit the Blog Home Page and Bookmark it in your browser for future referance.
Subscribe to the RSS-feed or via Email to be Notified when new blog posts are being published.

After you have done this, you can safely unsubscribe this blog or delete the bookmark from you browser just to keep things tidy. Thank you so much for following my work, and I hope to see you there!

Autumn in Dørålen, NE Rondane Nat. Park, Norway. September 2012.
Fine Art Print available.

Best Wishes
Seung Kye

Website: www.leeseungkye.com
Blog: www.leeseungkye.com/blog

UPDATE: This Blog Has Moved To My Website!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
this blog has now moved and from today, all future posts will be published at: www.leeseungkye.com/blog

www.leeseungkye.com/blog, fine art landscape photography blog of Seung Kye Lee, norske landskapsfotografer, naturfotografiClick image to go to the new blog!

For all of you who have enjoyed, and still enjoys, keeping me company on my photographic journey;
read more and see the Featured Fine Art Print for March in this blog post: Welcome to The New Blog!
To help you to get the best start on my new blog in only 3 seconds, I recommend doing the following:

 visit the Blog Home Page and bookmark it in your browser.
 subscribe to the RSS-feed, or subscribe via Email to be Notified when new posts are being published.

Until now, my thoughts, articles and updates (164 posts from 2009-2011) have been powered by WordPress.com, which has served me well and has proved to be a very flexible, easy-to-use and professional service with friendly and helpful support. Although my blog has moved to my website, all earlier posts and comments will still be here as my blog-archive; easily accessable from my new blog. Thank you WordPress and all of you who kept me company here! I am sorry for the inconvenience and I do hope that you will follow me over to the New Blog→

Best Wishes
Seung Kye
Website: www.leeseungkye.com